For companies

DBm offers services and actively seeks cooperation with companies and other stakeholders in the construction sector in the framework of technology exploration, characterization of materials, quality testing, research, development and innovation. The focal point is the development of new technologies with respect to building materials and products.

  1. Interaction academia industryTo stimulate 'technology & IP (intellectual property)' transfer to industry and society (technology push). Original research results are further developed in terms of technology readiness level to be introduced on the construction market. This aims in licensing and co-development of technology with industrial partners or through spin-off companies.
  2. To perform collaborative research with companies, so to accelerate and facilitate 'technology and knowledge' development (technology pull). University know-how, expertise and infrastructure are used to facilitate companies in their technological developments and innovations.
  3. To stimulate collaboration in innovation for the construction sector (sectoral innovation). Sector-wide or cross-sectoral challenges are addressed in projects which aim for broader technology translation and transfer.

For project financing DBm has large experience with the different types of VLAIO funding schemes, IOF project financing, 'kmo-portefeuille' technology exploration funding, as well as European funding channels. Collaboration with venture capital funds, among which Qbic and SOFI, is possible.

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